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NBC 8 Tampa “Being an ally in an Interacial Relationship”

Fox 25 Boston “Not just Dating Sites: Dating Opportunities Everywhere”

ABC Illinois “Dating During Racial Tension”

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Love on Command. If you think you’ve heard it all…you have NOT. Tune in and get the love and dating advice that will change the way you think about the science of love and attraction.

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Guides, How-to’s on everything from taking control of your love life, increasing your self-confidence, attracting your perfect partner.

Live Stream

The Science Backed Secret to

Attracting & Keeping

Your Most High Value Masculine Man

Discover within 90 Minutes The Secret Techniques based In Science For Attracting a masculine man who will crave and pursue you. For a limited time, you’ll receive THE ULTIMATE FEMININE DATING CHEAT SHEET download to avoid wasting time in the dating game!


You are worthy of the best in love and life. Having it all is attainable.

If you’re looking for a host, speaker, panelist, or workshop facilitator to inspire, and motivate your audience to activate their feminine energy, eliminate limiting beliefs and completely transform the trajectory of their personal and professional life, BOOK SHAY, for your next womens focused interview or event!

Shay’s neuroscience-based approach coupled with her dynamic, highly engaging (and totally addictive!) personality, has established her as one of the most highly sought after Love Coaches, speakers and interviewees in the love, dating, relationship and entrepreneurship spaces.

the single diva's guide to

The Science

Attracting Love

The Science of Attracting Love, written by Shay Your Love Diva, tells the story of Shay’s personal journey from heartbreak to healing through empowerment. In this book, Shay provides women with a straight-shooting approach to self-love and relationship breakthroughs so they can prepare themselves to attract their soulmate.


A Single Diva's Guide To The Science Of Attracting Love

Forget hustle harder. Forget a mandatory 5 a.m. wake-up. Forget outlining your life plan in six-month, one-year, and five-year spans. Want to build a vision for your life that is unapologetically true to who you are and what you want? Here’s where you start.