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Love Is A Science™

Love Solutions Curated For Your Unique Love Journey.

Powerful transformational coaching programs and matchmaking
that will interrupt the way you think about the science behind love and attraction.

My highly-sought after programs and transformative coaching has shattered the Gold Standard in traditional love coaching by integrating a scientifically based.

Because love isn’t about luck, it’s about intention.

Love Unleashed Package

“Love Unleashed” is a blueprint for cultivating a healthier, impassioned, and enriching love connection with yourself that takes root in your very core. Ideal for women who have experienced challenges in love and life and aspire to change. You’ll heal love blocks and traumas and fall so deeply in love with yourself that you’ll no longer settle for men who don’t deserve you.

This program includes access to the revolutionary Diva Love Formula, an intimate sisterhood community, empowering monthly meet-up sessions, a Love Map Calendar, and a dedicated accountability partner.

Simple, Easy Transformational Coaching That Works!

Go deeper and embrace the transformative journey to healing, wholeness, love, and abundance with a certified love coach at your side. At BOSS DIVA UNIVERSITY, our scientifically-backed offerings are meticulously tailored to your unique needs and aspirations. Our programs are your power tools to shatter love blocks, uncover your full potential, and cultivate a vibrant love and financial life.

One-On-One Coaching

Get Ready To Up Level Your Love Life, Heal And Discover

It’s time to say hello to your romantic best friend using our undisputed techniques based in science that work no matter your looks, age, size or single parent status. You will finally be able to heal, let go and get on track towards the love you truly desire and deserve.



“Shay is the best money I’ve ever spent. You cannot put a price on self love, self compassion, self assurance, and this type of healing. This kind of coaching is a significant level up from regular talk therapy, and it is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I have seen firsthand how Shay’s teachings and methods have changed the lives of women I’ve been in the program alongside. I’ve also seen a huge change in myself, and have experienced miracles as a result of who I have become because of Diva University. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose when you work with Shay. I’m a believer.”

- Jessica C.

Discover Your Love Archetype

The Ultimate Cheat code to your ultimate love breakthrough

Free Meditation + Workbook

Attract your Perfect Partner with crystal clear intentions in 7 days

Feminine Or Masculine?

What’s your Feminine Energy Level?



Welcome to our empowering podcast, where we delve into the vital topic of understanding what actions a woman should take when faced with a man pulling away.

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Everything you need to know to improve your dating and relationships. Increase your feminine energy and self-confidence to attract your perfect partner!

My Book

The Science of Attracting Love, written by Shay Your Love Diva, tells the story of Shay’s personal journey from heartbreak to healing through empowerment.